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Security is as important as food and clothing in India. No premise can be considered safe in the modern world. Growth in technology has lead to modernization in the anti social activities. Terrorists and mafia have started using technologically advanced weapons in order to destroy the world around. In order to keep such elements at a distance Wholesale Boston Celtics Jerseys , it is necessary to secure a particular premise to the maximum extent.

We all can make efforts to secure our own premise in order to make the country a safer place!

Identity theft is a major issue of concern. Biometric facial identification can help in overcoming the problem of identity theft in a premise. It scans the unique and permanent facial characteristics of an individual in order to verify their identity. No two individuals can have the same facial structure, not even identical twins. The system works on this principle.

It can record the facial details of an individual as face templates. Next time onwards Wholesale Atlanta Hawks Jerseys , the system will recognize them automatically the moment they appear before the system application.

Biometric facial identification system is an advanced application. The working of a biometric facial identification system is a complex mechanism. For an ordinary user, its operation can be divided into two phases:

*Enrollment: The system requires every new user to enroll their identity into the biometric facial identification application. The system will provide to the user the option to enroll their face into the database. They will have to pose before the camera.

The application will capture the face structure of the individual in the form of points. There are 180 permanent and unique nodal points on the face of an individual that distinguish them from others. Accurate positioning of these points on the face is recorded and face templates are stored in the database.

*Verification: After the face template of a particular individual gets stored in the database Cheap Washington Wizards Jerseys , they can simply appear before the application and their identity will be verified. Whenever they look at the camera, their facial details are analyzed. These facial details are then compared to the face templates stored in the database.

If any of the templates is found matching with the facial details recorded at that time Cheap Utah Jazz Jerseys , the identity of the individual is established in accordance with the details corresponding to the face template. Thus, the identity of the individual is verified by the biometric facial identification system.

Normal users will only witness these two phases during the time they are using the biometric facial identification application. Other than this Cheap Toronto Raptors Jerseys , they may face problems with the use of this system application if anything goes wrong in the system application.

With the advancement in technology, the operation of a biometric facial identification system has become easy. It has become convenient to operate the system application and hence Cheap San Antonio Spurs Jerseys , its use is increasing continuously. Many premise owners are adopting this technology for their day to day activities. The biometric facial identification system has proved efficient in securing the identity of the individual present in the premise.

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Biometric facial identification application is a must in any premise where security and identity verification is an issue. If you believe you are in need of a facial recognition system you can get in touch with us.

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Even though it is hard to understand exactly where and when IPTV TV services can first be traced Cheap Sacramento Kings Jerseys , it’s worth noting that the first television show was broadcast over the web in 1994 and IP TV services appear to have been launched in the few years which followed. Now, with broadband becoming available to increasingly more homes as well as the speed of these services ever on the rise Cheap Portland Trail Blazers Jerseys , it is considered that this method of television will continue to build in popularity.

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