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Yesterday's breaking news announced that the 3 pairs of Yeezy including the pure white Yeezy 350 Boost V2 “Cream” will be postponed, which means that this summer will only have the butter color at the end of the month. Yeezy 350 Boost V2 Butter, while pure white and sesame color will be postponed to the end of the year. The low-shoe type Yeezy 350 Boost V2 is the king of summer street shoes, which is popular among summer travelers. The re-adjusted release plan will make the Yeezy 350 Boost V2 “Butter” hot, and the difficulty and cost will increase. Do you say this is good news or bad news?


The popular mid-top shoe adidas Ultra Boost Mid welcomes a new color scheme that injects a full-blown eye for the summer street! The Ultra Boost Mid “Prototype” is themed on the design of this shoe. The bright color of the fluorescent color sets a very high-profile main line, with royal blue and black detailing, which is visually layered and dynamic. Full. With the popular sock design, the fashion charmof the upper foot is also unforgettable. Injecting more high-energy personality into your summer wear, this pair of Ultra Boost Mid deserves special attention.


The marine charity Parley for the Oceans has been working more closely with adidas, bringing a new pair of shoes, Parley x adidas NMD R1 STLT “Core Black”. The overall style of the shoes is black, and the black Primeknit woven upper adds a light blue accent, which represents Parley's joint name, adding a refreshing sensation to the dark temperament of the whole pair of shoes. https://www.cadysport.com

With its versatile shape, the Nike Air Max 97 is popular in the retro resurgence, making it popular!Dressed in pure white and off-white, the new color-matched Air Max 97 looks very similar to the previously sold OFF-WHITE x Air Max 97. The chromatic aberration stripes give the shoe a more layered feel. It is exciting! The Nike Air Max 97 Phantom will be available for sale at a price of $160. Don't miss out if you like it .

The popularity of the popular Nike Air VaporMax series continues, and recently Nike released a new shoe, the Nike Air VaporMax Run Utility, in the VaporMax series. Nike, Nike Air VaporMax Run Uti Outdoor function upgrade! New shoes VaporMax Run Utility officially released. The new series was launched in response to the cold winter and outdoor challenges. The shoe is designed with a functional theme to create a warmer and waterproof VaporMax. The Nike Air VaporMax Run Utility is made of waterproof fabric and is treated with a waterproof sticker at the splicing area to provide warmth while ensuring outdoor performance. The exposed flying line design, unlike the traditional lacing design, will have Elastic laces perfectly show the functionality of the shoes. It is understood that the first series of the series is black and gray. At present, there is no more information about the specific release of the product. For those who like it, please pay attention to our follow-up reports.

This year, Nike once again created a new series with the theme of “BETURE”. This series includes Epic React Flyknit, Zoom Fly SP, Air Max 270 and Air VaporMax Plus four pairs of shoes. Recently, domestic shoe store DEAL brings Nike Epic React Flyknit “BETRUE” The physical picture of the object.The shoes are mainly black, the pink triangle at the heel, the "BETRUE" lettering and the rainbow crystal bottom of the outsole all show the LGBT theme of the shoes, which creates a great visual contrast with the overall black. More prominent highlights and themes. https://www.cadyshoes.com 

adidas Crazy BYW is still a god-like position among the sneaker players. When the BYW, which inherits the natural blood, makes its debut, it brings together the world's attention! BYW means Boost Your Wear, which is derived from the Feet Your Wear slogan. There are currently two models, one is BYW LVL already on the market, and the other is BYW LVL X, which we have not yet released. Compared to BYW 1, BYW X's design is more "real combat". Some use Primeknit woven material to create a sock body, and the forefoot also uses an open Boost cushioning different from BYW 1, with a closed solution and more For sensitive start support.

The starter was pulled up by Pharrell Williams. This "ambition" series PW x Crazy BYW LVL X "AMBITION" is also the style of the former Pharrell himself. There are two color schemes (product number G28182/G28183), all of which are black and pink as the main color, a black powder and a black, a sultry singer, plus delicate woven texture and 3M reflective laces. The gas field is so powerful that it is suffocating! After all, this is a pair of new shoes that have never been sold, absolutely refreshing the "shoes view" of passers-by! In addition to "stunning" and "exquisite", these shoes have a "light" feel when they get started, and the weight is very light! The woven upper has venting holes, and the separate “Tianzu” sole combines the forefoot and Boost's back, with a TPU link in the middle.

Needless to say, the value of Pharrell x adidas Crazy BYW Primeknit has a fine and powerful visual expression, a combination of textures and tones, and a rich visual layer. In addition to the black 3M reflective laces that come with it, it also comes with a pair of white laces, which can also be used with your own .The size feels unbiased, but you can also buy a small half size. It may be because of the sock-style design, it feels very comfortable after the foot is put in, but there are still a lot of blanks before the thumb, and some are too long.This situation has appeared on both EQT 93/17 Boost and Yeezy Boost 350 V2. https://www.cadysport.com 

NMD's all-black color scheme may be the most eye-catching color of the shoe. The adidas NMD “Black” is not only black, but also brings the simple trend of the Japanese trend. The Boost midsole that has always appeared in white is also Painted in black, echoing the overall black theme, it is also quite surprising.

The new high-profile shoe adidas NMD is welcoming new colors. The navy blue adidas NMD “Navy” is presented in a simple two-tone, white Boost midsole and heel. The navy blue upper is not used. Primeknit material, but made of breathable mesh fabric. Adidas is about to bring a new pair of non- Primeknit NMD new color schemes. Does it mean that the price will be reduced and the sales volume will be increased?

Nike Air Jordan Sneakers,The classic Oreo color scheme Air Jordan 4 will be available soon, and will be available on February 21st at nike.com China's official website and offline stores.The official color scheme is "Tech Grey", technology gray. The body is made of black high-quality leather, the details are embellished with cement ash, and the ink-filled dress presents the classic Oreo image. As a Remastered member, quality materials and fine workmanship add a lot of highlights to the overall effect. https://www.cadysport.com .

Adidas P.O.D.-S3.1 The most anticipated is its new sole configuration, showing that the midsole of the shoe has a split visual effect, and the bottom half of the midsole is made of BOOST material. The outsole also looks more functional and superior in performance. The adidas Originals BOOST family will welcome the newest member P.O.D.-S3.1. The new shoes have a hint of NMD and EQT in the outline, but the biggest difference between the present and the earlier launch is that the midsole is divided into two parts: the forefoot and the hind paw. The forefoot is made of foam and the hind paw. Part of the signature BOOST technology brings a comfortable sense of use.

The name of the POD originated in 1995 and is called Point of Deflection. The first adidas P.O.D.-S3.1 will release four color schemes.It is a design concept of “three-dimensional cushioning system”.This new product continues this advanced concept, combining the bridges of EVA stretch material, Boost technology and links to provide a more precise and accurate cushioning and stable performance, plus a high-quality mesh fabric upper, wearing Comfort is guaranteed.

The BOOST series has always been one of adidas' signature shoe collections. Recently, a brand new BOOST shoe is about to debut, and will it become a red shoe this summer? Named adidas Originals P.O.D-S 3.1, the shoe's first color matching is black to create the upper, with a white half palm BOOST midsole and fluorescent green, sky blue details, full of technology, eye-catching. In terms of performance, the BOOST midsole gives it a high-elastic foot feel, and the 3M reflective detail on the side of the shoe improves the recognition at night. At the same time, the design of the separation of the front and rear palms has also contributed to its weight reduction.

Welcome to buy Adidas P.O.D.-S3.1 here https://www.cadysport.com .

Adidas UltraBOOST 4.0 "Iridescent" is adidas launched this summer's special series of products, reshaping these classic running shoes with colorful reflective materials. The series brings black and white color combinations. In addition to the 4.0 version of the Primeknit upper texture, it is decorated with colorful reflective materials at the end of the shoe. It reflects the rainbow-like dazzling effect under the light source. As for the sole It is still a combination of the full BOOST midsole and the Continental rubber outsole, which continues to give the runner a good foot feel.

In 2018, after the adidas running shoes UltraBOOST ushered in the 4.0 version, a variety of new color combinations were also introduced, including the color matching on the TPU bracket. The "Iridescent" insole is equipped with a colorful reflective material that reflects the rainbow-like glare of the light source. As for the sole, it is still a combination of the full BOOST midsole and the Continental rubber outsole, which continues to give the runner a good foot feel.

The closely watched Off-White x Air Jordan 1 "Powder Blue" raided the US SNKRS, and the unexpected moment is sold out. Of course, you don't have to buy it, you don't have to worry, because this is only an official small-scale warm-up, as a late stage. A full-fledged appetizer; this new Off-White x Air Jordan 1 “UNC” releases a close-up of the foot, and thanks to the global deconstructed shoe blessing, I believe this refreshing “UNC” color scheme is on a hot summer day. Can also have a good performance.

Welcome to buy Adidas UltraBOOST 4.0 Iridescent here https://www.cadysport.com .

At the beginning of this year, Pharrell x adidas Crazy BYW, which was created by Fei Dong and adidas, was sought after by many friends. Unfortunately, the shoes were only given to relatives and friends during the All-Star Game, so many shoe friends could not do so. Recently, a brand new Pharrell x adidas Crazy BYW “Solar Pink” has been released. The shoes are mainly made of black and white, and the upper made of woven material is matched with the exaggerated Tianzu outsole of BYW series, which is very eye-catching. It is reported that the shoes will be released next month. Adidas Scoby basketball shoes have a series of Tianzu series. Adidas Top Ten 2000 is Kobe Bryant or adidas signing players for his shoes. He used to wear this sneaker to participate in the dunk contest. This classic shoe has returned to our sight with the resurgence boom in recent years. Among them. As the most successful series in the history of adidas, Tianzu has always been an indispensable boutique in the Sneaker circle. One is dominated by black as the matching color, and the other is the main color of the tender pink, white and black. Match. Both pairs of shoes are made of Primeknit woven material to create a sock body with Crazy BYW X and the same Boost sole for a comfortable foot and stability.

Following the Air Jordan 3 Tinker release and the manuscript color matching Air Jordan 13 was exposed, the recent INS shoes on the INS broke the news once again exposed the brand new Air Jordan 6 Tinker. It can be seen from the figure that the shoes are mainly based on white, and the details are decorated with blue accents. The overall feeling is refreshing.Recently, a YEEZY collection enthusiast on INS exposed the new adidas YEEZY BOOST 500 physical map. As can be seen from the figure, this shoe is made of white as the background color, and the upper is made of mesh material and suede. It is very simple and atmospheric.

Welcome to buy new Pharrell x adidas Crazy BYW here https://www.cadysport.com .

Looking back at the 2017 sneaker circle, in addition to the new sneakers that are exploding, the unexpected surprises are often accompanied by!Bring the most unexpected 5 things this year and see what are the most unpredictable?Through the grandfather's repeated footsteps, Yan value is recognized in the adidas Yeezy Boost 350 as the top three white zebras. The super-popular nature is self-evident. Once sold, it becomes the best weapon for stars, net red and local tyrants to pull hatred. In less than half a year, the sudden second release in June this year was really unpredictable. Not only the shoe sellers, but even the programmer's little brother can't stand the power of their own trends, and then...

After the success of the Balenciaese Speed ​​Trainer and the Balenciaga Triple-S shoes on the streets of major fashion weeks, more and more fashion brands began to plow in the sneakers. This year, Chanel collaborated with adidas' Hu NMD to open the door to the joint venture between luxury brands and sports brands. The combination of LV and Supreme has sensationalized the entire trend. Is Nike really like the rumor that it will join hands with LV to create a co-brand? As a person who eats melons, I only hope that watching the fun is not too big.

At the same time, Nike launched 10 double OFF-WHITE joint names. It has been confirmed that 20-year will still bring OFF-WHITE x Nike “Part 2”, Air Jordan 1 will at least launch two colors of pure white and white north card, and Nike Air VaporMax The old faces of Air Presto, Air Force 1, and Air Max 90 will still reappear in a new attitude.Style and volume soared, which became the biggest feeling for Air Jordan in 2017. In the whole year, there are a total of 174 new products for sale, with an average of two days! This also led to the boutique color that was once considered a rarity to be quietly placed on the shelves, or in the market below the original price, rather than being sought after as early as possible. The Air Jordan 13 “HOF”, which was once only used for display, is currently less than the original price of $400 after the engraving, which was unimaginable in previous years.

The Air Jordan 13/14 DMP Champion Kit, which debuted in June this year, not only covers two popular shoe models, but also has unique features in color matching, details and packaging, but it still suffers from a large diving. The current transaction price is about $400. For Air Jordan's death loyalty, it is certainly a good thing from a certain point of view, but this "welfare" may soon come to an end. In 2018, Jordan Brand has plans to limit the number of sneakers to be sold, and the personality and unique needs of “limited” conditions to support, to ensure that Jordan is still a fascinating brand. It is popular to say that styles and heavy goods are still quite a lot, but the volume of each issue will no longer be “flooding” like this year. I believe that the black cement Air Jordan 3, which will debut in February, will verify the news.

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