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When talking about his contractual problems, Guardiola said, "I do not know (the players) what they think (his contract), but I am in the first year, this year and next year, there is no determination Doubtful I will stay here for another year, and then we look at it.Also need to FIFA Coins consider whether I won the honor, and whether I deserve the renewal.I am very happy here, very happy, but to continue About, you need to win, if you can not win, then you can not afford to continue coaching, I hope to win. "

During the interview, Guardiola also hopes that many of his disciples will stay at the Etihad Stadium. "All our young players, the players' agents and their parents know that we want them to stay in the team for a long time. There is no doubt that we want to extend the contract between Genus and Debraone, but the negotiations are negotiations, and sometimes it is difficult to negotiate, but they all know that we want to negotiate with them and I hope to establish with these players Something we started in 18 months and continue with them. "


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