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Quantum Bellator Fireplace have secured their place at the ELEAGUE Major Main Qualifier after beating Spirit in the CIS Small consolidation final.

The series started on Inferno, Quantum Bellator Fire's map choose, with Spirit safe a quick 3-0 business lead as Terrorists. Nikita"waterfaLLZ" Matveyev's team then responded with a seven-round streak, but Spirit would win four out of the following five rounds to bring the actual deficit to a minimum by half-time.

Contrary to the first half, there was clearly little that Quantum Bellator Fire could do after the break as Spirit constantly denied their competitors tight a tight defence, losing only one circular throughout the half in order to lock down the actual map, 16-9.

Quantum Bellator Fire obtained off on the correct foot on Nuke, securing the gun, both anti-ecos and the first gun circular. They then lost their first round of the game, but Savelii "jmqa"Bragin stepped on with his team with a triple-kill in a 2v3 situation, setting all of them up for a 7-1 lead.

Still, Spirit started to punish the actual Quantum Bellator Fireplace defence with quick executions, winning five rounds in a line, and only slowed down the actual pace towards the end of the half. Quantum Bellator Fire took advantage of that slower game and bagged the last two of the half to safe a 9-6 business lead.

Now playing as CTs, Spirit indexed the pistol circular, but could not follow that up. They came close to CSGO Skins successful a force-buy that belongs to them, but a triple-kill from Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov in a 2v3 helped his team continue to string rounds together. After that Quantum Bellator Fire would lose only 2 more rounds, taking series to a third map with a 16-9 win.

The decider map was Cobblestone, and Quantum Bellator Firegot off to a flying start after successful their second gun of the series. It had been only in the 6th round that Spirit managed to get a foothold in the game, but they could not string more than 2 rounds together.

Aurimas "Kvik" Kvakšys and co. went on an enormous run, losing just one more round in order to secure a dominant 12-3 lead. Spirit still found a lifeline with force-buy win after dropping the pistol circular, but Quantum Bellator Fire had their eyes set within the Major Qualifier and locked down the actual map with a 16-12 victory.

Later these days, Quantum Bellator Fireplace will take on AVANGAR in the battle for first place of the CIS Minor.

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Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski talked to all of us following Virtus. pro's surprising run to playoffs at EPICENTER, in which the Poles sent Gambit and FaZe packing yesterday.

Despite a difficult start against SK on day one in Saint Petersburg, Virtus. pro pulled off an amazing run in the group stage, very first defeating Gambit 2-1 before sending house the No . 1 team, FaZe, following a tight finish towards the decider.

We got a hold of Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski following the upset to find out what had changed in the Virtus. pro camp at EPICENTER. We also walked through the Poles' wins in St. Petersburg as well as Saturday's semi-final with G2.

We've got to begin with what led to this, which is the unpleasant period over the last couple of months, what changed at EPICENTER? What made you step up with this one?

We came to this event with a large amount of troubles, we had an additional slump in our history. Maybe my article was a little bit just like a kick in our butts to improve more, because we were looking for errors in each other and that we couldn't take it in order to ourselves, we just kept fighting with each other.

Now it seems far better after ELEAGUE, we didn't have great results after ELEAGUE however we had a really great talk there, this started to seem like we understand each other again. We just concentrate on the game now as well as everyone wants to win, so that's why we're playing good at as soon as.

Your first match against SK was not very encouraging, but the Gambit series showed there were sparks left in Virtus. pro, what pushed you over the edge?

I can say what is on my side, I don't know Cheap CSGO Skins exactly, I don't want to say only things about me personally. But after the in-game leading, I tried to step-up my game, I tried to find solutions, and I think I found a solution after the Gambit match. I saw how had been playing before, I could see the HLTV gallery and found out which i was sitting differently than before as well as my hand was not free on the mousepad.

In the first as well as second match, I wasn't there much, that's why SK defeat us so much I think. All of us are talking more about what we ought to do, TaZ states at the start what we're going to do but all of us are trying to help your pet in it.

Starting 2-16 on Mirage against FaZe must have been crushing, were you'll still confident on Cobblestone considering FaZe seldom play it?

I think [TaZ] did good function before the match against FaZe, it was quite insane, we dropped the first map 16-2 but we came back even after that mashing from them. We knew we had two great maps versus all of them, maybe Nuke isn't very, I don't know, they're playing it too, but for sure these were thinking that it was good map.

We knew Cobble was also a great map for all of us and we were hitting our shots from the beginning, we were feeling more confident, even my game was much better than the other day or two days ago. I'm still looking for myself, now I'm inadequate focus and calmness in-game, but I'm getting there as well as my team is actually helping me too. I think we're within the right way, we'll see.

Tell me personally about the last circular on Inferno. FaZe were en route to taking the match to overtime, but you turned this around in the last 10 seconds, what did that situation seem like from your point of view?

There have been like 20 secs until the end of the round and I was in middle, I was returning to B but the guys said we ought to save, because they had been on the B bombsite and we were parse out, I was on A and they were on W. But we obtained two kills within a second, I killed someone in little pit and I think byali killed someone on B and that's why we won the circular, they were in surprise and we managed to win.

In the post that you mentioned earlier, you criticized NEO as well as TaZ, and NEO has stepped up here. What can you say regarding NEO's performance so far at EPICENTER?

People think I said this only to bitch regarding my teammates, I only said this about the rating, I didn't say bad words about all of them overall. I like them, we've been playing with each other for four years straight. Like I said in the very first question, it was kind of a kick in our own asses to improve, we see that NEO is actually playing a lot better.

Also, TaZ is finding himself in the in-game leading position. Everything seems to be working now, pasha is a good sniper, byali is playing well as well, I'm probably the worst in the team now, however I think I can perform a lot of stuff, maybe not fragging but interacting and supporting the actual team. We'll notice, I just need to find my confidence again and that's all.

pasha has been a constant in the CSGO Skins last couple of months despite all of the issues, why do you consider he was never as affected compared to the others?

It was most likely because of my in-game leading, we transformed stuff in the team, that pasha is a full-time sniper, so we managed to find ways for him to perform. He's also trying to do his stuff, like saying 'Okay, I will go pick here' and then many of us are adapting to it, like TaZ now.

I think pasha knows what he should do, he's more confident regarding his game, his AWP is so powerful, I think he's most likely one of the best AWPers now. I could compare your pet to FalleN even though he's not in the best shape. What can I say, pasha improved a lot as well as everyone seems enhancing, so if we keep it that way, we can become at the top again.

Moving forward to the playoffs and the upcoming G2 semi-final, what can we anticipate VP against G2, who looked like a really strong force in the groups?

Yeah, G2 seems really powerful. I don't remember when we last played them, it was a very long time ago. I hope it's going to be a fantastic match to view, three maps. I would like 2-0 of course , but for viewers it would be ideal. I think we can keep up our game and it's going to be a near match.

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Counter-Strike's AI bots are universally terrible-that's what most players would have you think, at least. But during a ranked fit on the third-party Faceit community group, one bot rose to beauty by single-handedly killing every gamer on the enemy team. BOT Connor is his name, and shaming seasoned Counter-Strike players is their game.

Scoring an ace is really a rare thing for even professional Counter-Strike players, but having a robot go all John Wick within the enemy team is practically unusual. That's exactly what happened this weekend break and Czech player 'Kosta' had been there to capture the incredible eliminating streak.

If you're unfamiliar with Global Unpleasant, bots will frequently fill open slot machines in teams when they are down a person. Aside from being a meat shield, they may not overly useful. They'll react to preset commands and can sometimes obtain a kill, but as soon as a human being player dies, they'll usually get command of the bot. But ROBOT Connor doesn't need a human puppet-master pulling his strings because he is a goddamn pro.

During the complement on de_mirage, BOT Connor prospects the charge to defend bombsite The. After tossing a flashbang towards tunnel known as 't ramp, ' he immediately rushes in. Within the span of five seconds, he ratings a kill against one of the terrorists, presses into the ramp, jumps upward, and scores a second, mid-air eliminate. As the players on the counter-terrorist group lose their minds over what they simply witnessed, BOT Connor scores another kill. With that part of the map crystal clear, he then turns around, climbs the ladder, and kills the remaining 2 players. csgo4skin All of this happens in the period of 45 seconds and it's completely savage to watch. www.csgo4skin.com


Waning personnel power

The only questions asked of the old lineup were of support player fifflaren's play, since he was often the statistical sore thumb standing out among players who were all close to the best at their positions. The players who replaced him, in particular the explosive but erratic AWPer Maikelele, found that scrutiny transferred to them. The arrival of allu, the consistent and efficient Finnish sniper, has shown us, however , that NiP's problems no longer lie with the fifth man. Allu has been a model of regularly excellent performance, leaving us to look at the other four and ask who is failing to deliver a championship performance in their role.

Shockingly, the first place one must consider is with one of the stars, as aim master f0rest, still one of the world's best pistol players, has routinely stumbled in big games and found himself lacking a star level impact on his team's fortunes. With allu and GeT_RiGhT both posting good numbers, the third star has been very much waning in the last few months. Beyond f0rest, issues can be observed with both former in-game leader Xizt and friberg. buy csgoskins The former has been slumping for at least the last few months, though he does still win some memorable clutch rounds, and the latter just had possibly the worst tournament of his career with NiP's group stage elimination at Gfinity Spring Masters II. www.csgo4skin.com

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Any pesky jump spot frustrate, that essentially gave participants a wall-hack, has ultimately been fixed in a beta update of Counter-Strike: International Offensive.

The so-called “BIG bug” gained the attention in the Counter-Strike community when MAJOR used it against FaZe Tribe and Cloud9 during the PGL Major in late July. These people were able to repeatedly use it to get information at crucial choke points on Inferno, like quad and banana. SIGNIFICANT later made it past the party stage with a 3-0 effect, before being eliminated from your Major in the quarterfinals simply by Immortals.

The jump area bug could be performed using a jump-crouch-stand movement at surfaces slightly taller than the person model. When all of the specialist team’s complained about the manipulate to Valve, the game designers, they were told to “avoid places” where the bug can be utilized. “Why are you not creating? ” Valve asked players, according to FaZe’s Finn “karrigan” Andersen.

Valve has now repaired the bug so that guitar player models coordinates entirely using peeking physics. To do so, typically the developers adjusted the first-person camera height “restriction method, ” making it possible for the model’s head to be in line having what’s happening in the 3 rd person. So if you try to execute the bug, your head can easily finally be seen by the adversary.

In addition to the camera changes, Control device also removed the noiseless landing sound accompanied with often the bug. Players could earlier mute their landing coming from various heights if they crouched in mid-air and operate just before hitting the ground.Find more csgo news or csgo skins,you can follow:http://www.csgo4sale.com.


Virtus. professional is the ultimate under dog team. Their contact form comes and will go, and while Snax may be the team s greatest player over the long term, any one of their a few players is capable to be the best player in a series. Out of these types of four squads, this s possible that will Virtus. pro match-up the best against the other people overall. After the conquer fnatic at the PGL Season 1 Extrême they overcame the actual mental block associated with dropping the ESL One Cologne semi-final, and should feel very self-confident going into this event. This is a clich at this point to express the Poles perform better at the dominant, but it still retains true-and there is small reason to expect in which to change.

If pasha is able to step up his or her game and become the type of force he was at the begining of 2014-when he was quickly considered a top all 5 player in the world-this team could turn out to be world number one. Without having him putting up massive numbers, there is not adequate consistent firepower. TaZ and NEO nevertheless come and proceed, though the latter offers improved a ton recently, and byali h ups and downs are famous at this point. Snax adds constantly, but 1 player is not plenty of to overcome other brands fnatic, TSM, or even EnVyUs. Buy CSGO Skins I anticipate Virtus. pro to help make the semi-finals, and it may not be at all amazing to see them within the grand final. However that will depend on what type of performance kuben will be able to draw from the players over a six day period. www.csgo4skin.com


Cobx Games will aim to send out Indian e-sports clothes to major overseas tournaments in online games such as Dota a couple of and CS MOVE.

Last month, csgoskins  two significant players - USports and Nazara Video games - ventured in to the relatively small American indian e-sports market along with invested big. Ronnie Screwvala backed UCypher decided to pump around Rs. 100 crore over a 10-year period, whereas popular cellular game developer/publisher Nazara promised a Rs. 130 crore investment decision over the same time time period.

Now, yet another key player has joined up with the ever-growing e-sports bandwagon. Route Portable Founder Rajdip Gupta has announced that this country will sponsor COBX Gaming, a significant online tourmanent, that will attract international clubs and pave the way in which for a consistent home-based league.

According to resources, the goal is always to create an American native indians e-sports outfit, which could compete against the best lawn mowers of the world by 2018. Gupta said, “I’m aware of the rivals in the space, however I firmly think that we have something new to provide. Our goal is to become one Indian group to participate frequently at the international degree. The prize cash for the first version is Rs. ten lakh, but it will simply increase later.

“The domestic league will certainly culminate in a LAN final, where we have been planning on calling world-wide teams. The LAN finals will have world teams from sixteen different countries, and we'll target a reward pool of three hundred, 000 - $500, 000, which will give a signal to the overseas competitors of how severe we are with our participation. ”

He additional, “If you see the talent in game titles such as CS GET and Dota only two, they are not bad, the main problem is that they do not get that publicity. Our goal is usually to make India a set destination on the international e-sports calendar. Therefore young teams experience experienced players, this provides the only way we are able to have teams actively playing at majors in addition to high level tournaments around the globe. ”

The home online league is going to be launched by Apr, with two groups - Open plus Invites. The supposed teams will instantly qualify for the final units, but the Open competition will be a qualifier associated with sorts for the extrême. It will basically presentation the best professional squads in the country against the rising semi-professional ones.

Among the teams likely to be invited to the tournament is actually Team Brutality. Chief Ankit Panth informed Sportskeeda, “I feel feeling like We are dreaming. This almost all is happening so rapidly. We now have another 67 crores being put into Indian e-sports. CSGO Skins What exactly is different apart from profit the route mobile group is that we will be in a position to compete against worldwide teams and that's that which was missing I feel.

“Finally I can say that the actual missing puzzles are now being joined slowly. We now have UCypher which will get e-sports to the public by broadcasting this on television accompanied by Nazara, another large league happening and today we have Route Mobile phone who have a eyesight to make a team on India who can symbolize us in the Dominant and also get Worldwide players to the nation to prove that there exists a thing called e-sports here as well. ”

He added, “Due to the Indian Game playing Carnival scam couple of years back I feel each of our country was being prevented, but now if this point goes per strategy and we do notice international teams traveling to India at the end of this year to try out a tournament, I am certain that we are going to increase as a community through 2018. ”

Along with multiple companies purchasing the fledgling Native american indian e-sports market, 2017 is surely going to be the landmark year with regard to competitive video gaming for India.http://www.csgo4skin.com

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The legendary CS: GO plays that got immortalised in the form of map graffiti

Counter-Strike tournaments are rife with moments of incredible skill as players push themselves to their limits in jaw-dropping performances. These stupefying moments, combining just the right amount of skill, luck and bravado leave people talking for months. In a unique approach to the competitive scene, Valve has taken recognition one step further, immortalising events in-game through graffiti and signs. As CS continues to develop, these memorials embed the competitive history of the game within each map, offering long-term fans a nod of recognition while advertising key moments for new players to look back to.

The most recent commemorative addition to the game came from the recent ESL One Cologne Major, where Team Liquid s Oleksandr s1mple Kostyliev hit two unscoped AWP shots in a row to beat Swedish powerhouses, Fnatic. Entering the B-bombsite on Cache through heaven, s1mple eliminates one player while falling before flicking to a second kill at absurd range.

The actual mockup, which shows an angelic counter terrorist descending while the scope falls from his weapon, has since been added to the game.

There have been many phenomenal individual plays in competitive CS, but SK s Marcelo coldzera David holds what could prove to be CS: GO h true standout moment. At a 15-9 scoreline, Team Liquid needed just one round to secure victory over the Brazilians (then Luminosity Gaming) at the 2016 MLG Colombus Major. With absolutely no margin for error, coldzera led a crucial AWP defence of Mirage s B-bombsite. Here's the video.

Quickly dispatching one player, cold follows up with an unbelievable, unscoped, jumping double-kill. Seemingly unfazed, he then finishes one more player with a sharp, reactive noscope. Such a performance was crushing in order to Liquid who proceeded to lose the match in a double-overtime. Luminosity, however , went on to be able to win the Major. Cheap CSGO Skins Tucked away by the van upon Mirage s B-site you can now find a winged AWP, adorned by four red skulls taking the place of the actual gun s scope. The design proved so popular that cold commissioned a tattoo artist to replicate it on his arm.

Swedes Fnatic are no strangers to employing avant-garde tactics in the competitive scene, with gamer JW well known for his sawed-off shotgun dominance on Cobblestone.  Buy CSGO SkinsAt Cologne 2015, Fnatic utilised an aggressive AWP play to push an overtime victory against French side EnVyUs. At $4750 dollars coupled with a lack of flexibility, this s rare to see teams run more than one AWP per round, with more than two all but unheard of. www.csgo4sale.com


Major gambling site CSGO Lounge makes awkward move toward legitimacy

The CS: GO skin gambling controversy that kicked off in June seemed to come to a head a couple of weeks ago when Valve issued a cease-and-desist letter to more than 20 gambling sites, including CSGO Lounge, one of the first and biggest websites in the questionably legal industry that grew around Valve's game. It was a fairly straightforward proposition: Commercial use of Steam accounts is unlicensed and in violation of the SSA [Steam Subscriber Agreement], Valve wrote, and could lead to penalties of various sorts, including the loss of the account outright.

The general expectation was that gambling sites would be forced to shut down, although once such site, CSGOBig, said the closure was only temporary and vowed to return. But CSGO Lounge has taken a different tack by embracing its gambling heritage, even as it denied that it was ever actually a gambling site at all.

From the very beginning, the lounge service was intended as an entertainment service for the esports community of Dota2 and CS: GO, and we have never considered it as a real money betting. Virtual items in CS: GO and Dota2 have no monetary value as well as any community interaction with the virtual items is meant only for entertainment, without any profit interest, a recently-posted notice explains.  Csgo skins for sale We did not collect any commission or similar until June 2016, where we started doing it in order to improve our items drafting and also quality of winnings, compensate items losses due to issues related to our product or issues with Steam community trading, to enable giveaways for the community and add more features to our support in near future.

After all the recent events around virtual products and the official letter by Valve, which we have received as well, we were left out alone without any additional information or even communication by Device on this matter. We had to make a decision on how to proceed with Lounges as community place and entertainment services. Buy CSGO Skins The situation is highly confusing we are not offering games of luck, we are not providing any transactions with real money or equivalents. Despite those facts, in order to avoid or reduce the confusion, we have decided to acquire a license in order to legally operate in most of the countries and be able to accept the esports bets by our own community, as if it would be real money, it says.

Gambling laws differ significantly across the world and even within individual countries, and essentially Lounge is only now making an attempt to implement systems that comply with them. As Evan explained in his breakdown from the CSGO skin betting scene www.csgo4sale.com 


We were always open with them about our opinion that distributing the work of 5 players (e. g. keeping track of the economy, calling plays and mid-round calls, and general situational awareness) across 6 people was not in line with our goals, one of which was to make it possible for new teams to emerge and compete at the highest levels. We had no concerns with the other coaching responsibilities and at the time any potential harm was hypothetical, the statement says. Since then it has become apparent that teams are, in fact , transitioning away from fielding players that have a wider breadth of skills and instead relying on coaches to handle some of that work.

Ironically, what prompted the new rule was an email from a team coach, sent to an event organizer and forwarded to Valve, seeking a greater level of access to the players during matches. Buy CSGO Skins The forwarded email made it clear that despite the conversations we had with these, teams were further investing in coaching in a way that was contrary to the goals of the Majors and the concerns we had expressed. It was important to make a decision before teams additional invested in coach IGLs and we decided to rein in the role of coaching in the next Major to exclude player responsibilities, Valve wrote.

We understand that there will be some short term disruption for teams which have made an investment in coach IGLs [In-Game Leader], it concluded. However , we intend the Majors and Minors to be events that can be won by any team of 5 gamers that demonstrate excellence in all skills associated with CS and this adjustment is intended to ensure that this remains true.

Short term disruption may be understating things somewhat: As HLTV pointed out, a number of high-profile teams including Natus Vincere, NiP, Liquid, mousesports, and FaZe make use of coaches, Cheap CSGO Skins and losing access to them so suddenly is bound to have an impact on their performance. It won't take long to find out just how much, and which teams are best able to overcome it: ESL has adopted the rule as well, meaning that the first CSGO Major to operate under this new guideline will be ESL One New York, which runs over the weekend regarding October 1-2.www.csgo4sale.com

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