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The car was touting to the destination of our autumn tour - Shunde Changlu Farm. Along the way, we laughed and were so uncomfortable. Gradually, there were no high-rise buildings on either side of the window, no prosperous markets Buy Newports Cheap In The Usa, no crowded vehicles, no people who were in a hurry.ne and a half minutes, the car arrived at the gate of Shunde Changlu Farm. Our class lined up with a neat team waiting at the gate Cheapest Ciggerette Cartons. Looking up, there are so many people who have visited the tour that I have never seen before. Looking at the color of the school uniform, I estimate that there are three elementary school students and three kindergarten students to visit. We queued up to about 10:15 to get the ticket and entered the door. We recommend that the tour guide let us disperse the activities, and the tour guide will let us gather here at eleven and a half. We have about five people integrated into a small team to disperse activities.veling in space!" I don't know who shouted. I saw that there was a big machine on the left hand side, and the person sat on the three hundred and sixty degrees of rotation. Everyone else in our team has to go and I will play with them. After fastening the seat belt, the staff pressed the switch and the machine started. There was a scream of screams in the ear Order Marlboro 100S Gold Pack In Usa, and the eyes turned around. But these are "pediatrics" for me.playing a lot of games, I saw a huge ancient ship Cheep Newports With Stamps. The ship saw it when it entered the door, but did not pay attention to it. Looking at it now, isn't it the ancient pirate ship "G?theborg"? Once I entered, I realized that it was actually a haunted house. The haunted houses in other places are just some mechanical and cloth strips on both sides of the road. The courage to dare to go in as long as they are not too small, but the haunted house here, even my daring people have a terrible battle. As soon as I entered the door, I first watched the movie about the "G?theborg" haunted ghost, and then began a long journey of ghost ships. The staff asked: "Who is heading?" I and Zhang Bozhen did not know who was pushed, and reached the front. Helpless, we both had to start. I was pulling together with Zhang Bozhen, and I felt that someone was pulling me behind. At the end of the day, the ground suf the ghost ship, standing on the ground, the stone in my heart finally fell to the ground. Unconsciously, it is already more than two o'clock in the afternoon Carton Marlboro Reds 100. We bid farewell to the Changlu Farm and reluctantly embarked on the way home. In this special festival, after Zhao Mingli went to school, she went to the flower shop to buy two bunches ofhe teacher's window and found that the teacher was not inside. She wanted to put the flowers in the teacher's pen holder, but hesitated. She looked at the date on the table - the Chinese Teacher's Day on September 10; she looked at the Chinese textbooks, and it seemed that the teacher showed up for the day and night, sleepless nights, and hard work for the students to change their homework and write a commentary; The glass on the top seems to reflect the teacher��s two old eyes that are too old because of overwork; the teacher��s wrinkled face appears on the globe; the ��Red Rock�� ink reminds her of the teacher��s use. In the case of buying books for the students, this bottle of ink does not know how m the courage to slowly insert the two flowers that symbolize this gratitude into the pen holder. At this moment, today's protagonist, the beloved teacher, has recently pushed the door. Both of them were shocked by this sudden scene. After a while, the teacher came back and the eyes were wet immediately. She said: "Thank you." This seems to be a very simple statement in the usual way, but at this moment it seems to contain profound truth. Shou�� that made Zhao Mingli courageous. She simply said to the teacher with the flowers she said: "Teacher, I have been very grateful to you for teaching me for several years. Teacher, Happy Teacher's Day!" "Thank you!" This "thank you" seems to be more shocking than just one. regret. At this time, the teacher and Zhao Mingli left two lines of te Zhao Mingli walked on the way home and looked at the sun in the sky. Although there is still drizzle in the sky, she feels that today's sunshine is the most brilliant in her life. 



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