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Another part of telecommunications is the dynamic computerization of human activity, empowering the development of other branches of human knowledge and activity. While we have situations where, many countries can not interchanges systems and others.

Communication systems are predominantly those of visual recognition and sound observation, in which the mental and physiological attributes of human discernment are considered to be the most widely recognized call by phone, albeit in fact it is not fundamental if the individual sits tight for it needs it. Then again, we are using the limit of our tactile organs to mate data, for example, TV transmission that uses the visual remanence of the eyes to transmit less data, bringing down the cost of beneficiaries and transmitters. The same applies to portable communication and VoIP correspondence utilizing the web as an ease interface.

As they are now in the process of acquiring their assets, they are becoming increasingly vulnerable as they are becoming increasingly vulnerable video, camera, assortment of ready tones, vibrator, trunking, voice recorder, WiMAX web, date-book, communication, for example, 3G, more and more and capacity to hold installments to like a charge card.

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