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Twitch launched Thursday Night Football games on its website twitch.tv as early as December 7, when the New Orleans saint and the Atlanta hawks played. This week they announced with gatorade NBA League (NBA G economic, former NBA development League) cooperation, from Austin www.lolga.com, SAN Antonio against Rio Grande Valley Vipers (the Rio Grande Valley Vipers, the rockets team), broadcast at most 6 the League games a week.

It also marks the first time that Twitch has dabbled in traditional sports, with the platform attempting to broadcast professional wrestling matches earlier this year. This year, Twitch also created a fitness community for podcasters. Previously, Twitch's main link with traditional sports was the live video games in e-sports, including NBA 2K and NFL game Madden. Among the players on the show were the San Francisco giants' right fielder, Hunter Pence, and the Chicago bear guard Kyle Long.


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