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Rocket League's winter event, Frosty Fest, is set to actuate on Dec. 11, bringing a accretion of new items and crates to beautify your activity cars.As you play games, players will allay abounding things, including a assay of in-game bill that can be acclimated to adeptness event-exclusive items, Decryptors, which are keys that are acclimated to Rocket League Trading allay crates, and an complete festive-themed crate that will abandoned be attainable during Frosty Fest.

The Frosty Fest complete creates can aswell be actuate as a adventitious bean afterwards acclimatized an online bender or by purchasing them in the Rocket League in-game store.Certain arenas like DFH and Utopia will aswell be accepting a winter makeover, so acclimate for things to be a bit added chillier than usual.


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