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Commission rate Staking is against Rules of Runescape Now!

Mod Infinity has announced which commission staking is now against the rules of Runescape, for product scamming or account selling and more. However no effects happen to be on in-game gambling. If you like gambling in game, we have inexpensive rs3 gold available for sale to you; if you carry on staking commissions, please be careful for your account.

Why is commission staking against Runescape guidelines?

In Runescape, players usually bet a few in-game stuff which team or game lover could win within a certain task during the past. But now Jagex think a majority of commission staking is heavily associated with items scamming, real world trading, account selling or sharing and much more.

As a result, the official group has updated the guidelines of Runescape, particularly the Unofficial Player Run Games of Chance section, because below:

"It can also be against the rules to bet on the results of another player's actions within the game, for example: how long it will take to kill a monster, or the outcome of a duel (commonly referred to as ‘commission staking’). "

Not all gambling is actually removed from Runescape

Regardless of forbidding commission staking, it still functions as usual to do a friendly bet with a mate on who will take another straight down. In other words, one cannot bet on the results of another players actions in game, but he can bet on his own fate and skill when pking with another player.

For that reason if you like gambling, you are able to hone your skill and PK with others in order to earn extra rs3 gold. But never perform commission staking once again in Runescape, or even your account will be banned. If you need inexpensive rs3 gold, you can buy directly from our site. Now as much as 10% rs gold bonus are available.Buy Runescape 3 Gold A person deserve it!www.rsgoldfast.com


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