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Owen played in 39 of the 41 games in the Celtics' first half, and the 39 can actually be divided into two parts, the first from the opening of the season on October 18 to the defeat of NBA Live Mobile Coins November 21 Cattle finished 16 straight, Owen played a total of 17 games, the second part is followed by 22 games.

In the first 17 games, Irving devoted more energy to organizing offense and defense, at which point he defensive efficiency was 97.4, or 97.4 points per 100 possessions, the defensive efficiency played more than 15 games over the same period and the average Ranked third in guard who played more than 30 minutes. But in the meantime, Owen lost his offensive efficiency when he was defensive, having ranked only 26th in offensive efficiency in the first 17 games of the season (played more than 15 games and played more than 30 minutes per game) 22.5 points, 17 games only 3 games 30 +.

In the last 22 games, Owen improved the quality of the offensive, 22 games 9 games 30 +, averaging 25.9 points, shooting 49.9%, 41.1% from three-point range, offensive efficiency in the same period reached 20 games field And averaging more than 30 minutes played in the guard ranked third. Irving offensive good defensive quality has declined, the 100-round loss from the previous 17 games, 97.4 points, increased to 105.6 points. This defensive efficiency can only be described as moderate, can not be called excellent.


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